The American Prize Ring

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The American Prize Ring


“The American PrizeRing: Its Battles, Its Wrangles, and Its Heroes”appeared as a column in the weekly National Police Gazette from June 4, 1880, until September 10, 1881. It was authored by William E. Harding, the sports editor for that weekly. Although the National Police Gazette and its editor, Richard K. Fox, published several pamphlets on boxing, Harding’s monumental history of American pugilism was never published in book form. Harding’s chronology as presented in these columns represents the most complete account of the American bare knuckle boxing era. All the major and most of the minor bouts are recounted, from 1813-1881, including the bouts of ring legends Tom Hyer, Yankee Sullivan, John Morrissey, Joe Coburn, Ed Price, John C. Heenan, Tom Allen, Jem Mace, and others.

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