King of Burglars

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Written by the greatest bank robber of the 1860s, Maximilian Schoenbein, alias Max Shinburn, these stories reveal the details behind his most famous heists and prison escapes; and also those of fellow master thieves Adam Worth and George M. White.

These stories were originally serialized in newspaper columns published in 1913, but were never collected together in their intended book form until now.

–The Real Story of the Stolen Gainsborough Portrait
–How Adam Worth Stole the Kimberley Diamonds
–Mark Shinborn’s Story of the Concord Bank Robbery
–Mark Shinborn Tells Story of His Greatest Peril
–A Wad of Bills Gets Mark Shinborn Out of a Tight Place
–How Shinborn Cleaned Up $20,000 at Springfield
–True Story of the Great South Norwalk Bank Robbery
–How Four Gangs Sought to Rob the Wolfeboro, N.H. Bank
–When Revolvers Barked in a Famous Old-Time Hold-Up
–Mark Shinborn Tells Story of His Most Famous Crime
–How Mark Shinborn at Last Paid the Penalty

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