Hardcover Editions Now Available

Thanks to an enhancement to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, several of my self-published titles are now available in hardcover:

  • The Writing Master: The Story of the Gentleman-Thief and Forger, James B. Crosse
  • The American Prize Ring: Its Battles, Its Wrangles, and Its Heroes, 1812-1881
  • King of Burglars: The Heist Stories of Max Shinburn
  • A Boy Naturalist In the Amazon: The Travels of Ernest T. Morris

This is a service I value, since my works are all “long-tail,” low-volume sales that should find a lasting audience due to the original research they contain. I’ll happily have them sit unhandled on a shelf for a long time as long as one reader eventually comes along, starts reading, and goes “Aha!” Hardcover editions have a much longer shelf-life.

One thought on “Hardcover Editions Now Available

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  1. Thanks, Jerry! So glad to have the Ernest Morris book in hardcover! Got 1 already and it’s great…ordering a couple more for the family.

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