Luxury Liner by Charles H. Hubbell

[Between 2009 and 2011, I maintained a TypePad blog, “More Fiends,” intended to update my book Baseball Fiends and Flying Machines. Those posts can still be found in the Wayback Machine, but I stopped updating that site in 2011. Because this WordPress site promotes and updates all my books, I’d like to republish some of those earlier posts.]

Posted 1/9/2011:

I had not been aware until this showed up on eBay recently that the noted aviation artist Charles H. Hubbell had drawn Lawson’s first airliner. The colors are magnificent:

This was one of a series that Hubbell did in the mid-1960s, entitled “Famous Firsts.” They were commissioned by TRW, Inc. Many of Hubbell’s aviation prints were printed by TRW in calendars, but were also sold for framing.

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